2013 Professional Photographers Association of Rhode Island Award

Carl and I attended the 60th Annual Convention of PPARI this past weekend.  We attended lectures and demonstrations by Steve Sedman, Hanson Fong and David Hakamaki.  All were great speakers and we had fun and learned some new techniques.  This year for the first time I decided to enter into the print competition and I'm happy to say I did quite well.  I received a 85 on this image!  It was very interesting to hear the 6 judges talk and critique my image they even gave me some butterflies :)  

A little info about the image...

This image was taken 15 years ago in beautiful Venice, Italy.  On a Sunday morning this sweet little old woman was thoughtfully watching a bride and her father come down the canal in a gondola in route to the wedding ceremony.  I of course, was watching the events as well and I captured this beautiful moment.  It is one of my favorite images that I took on that fabulous trip.  I hope you enjoy it.


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